My philosophy: I do not give cookie cutter plans, every plan is fully customized and unique because you are unique. There will be weekly check-ins so that I may adjust your plan and make sure it is working for you! I also fully understand financial hardship, and am willing to work with pricing.

Available Plans:

  • Macro Plan: provides total daily calories, macronutrient breakdown, as well as tips on tracking. $45 per month
  • Macro Plan + grocery list: identical to above plan but includes a detailed grocery list to add spice to your meals if you’re in a rut. $50 per month
  • Basic Meal Planprovides four options for every meal, is structured around your favorite foods, and is fully customized. $70 per month
  • Macro Meal Plan: provides the basic meal plan with the addition of a full caloric and macronutrient breakdown of all meals. This is a great choice if you’d like both a meal plan and to eventually be able to have an idea of what you’re eating without tracking calories or macros. $100 per month

For further inquiry about plans please email: